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Climate Revolution group aim to launch a series of initiatives, the proposals for which will be made public after our first public initiative takes off. These will be grouped around five core themes: AWAKE, EDUCATE, MOBILISE, FIGHT and INSPIRE. Two of our active initiatives are listed below:
    Right to Information Initiative, under core themes FIGHT and AWAKE, is the first public initiative to be launched after the launch of Climate Revolution website in February 2010. It is aimed at a) confronting the government and making it answerable on action it has taken (or not taken) on issues related with climate change, energy efficiency and resource depletion; and, b) revealing to the public the extent to which their future has been compromised.

    Under this initiative we publish the replies of over one hundred twenty four Right to Information (RTI) applications filed with the government which reveal a shocking state of ignorance and lack of preparedness on part of the government to address the climate crisis. The information gathered from the replies will be made public in a series of disclosures to be published on this website and in press releases issued almost every week. The disclosures so far are available under RTI Initiative section.

    Green-India Initiative, under the core theme INSPIRE, is aimed at demonstrating that there are no technical or otherwise obstacles to a low carbon economy and that we have everything at hand to support the radical changes in policy required by science. Managed by Climate Revolution Initiatives founder, Green-India has been active since October 2006 and has now been brought under the umbrella of Climate Revolution Initiatives.

    In its present form, Green-India stands as a thriving online community with over 1000 members -- largely made up of technical professionals and entrepreneurs including, energy efficiency auditors, renewable energy experts, academia, architects, inventors, students, environmentalists; and also ordinary citizens concerned about the environment who are actively pursuing changes to address climate change and the energy crisis. Green-India is now set to expand in scope over the coming period. Visit Green-India homepage ↗.

Detailed Climate Revolution proposals will be made public after publication of synthesis report under RTI Initiative.
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