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Climate Revolution Initiative is borne out of recognition that the true nature of the climate emergency we face today is not widely understood and that at the same time we have everything at hand to begin to seriously address this monumental crisis. Including the tools, mechanisms and strategies needed to alter public opinion, mobilise people and force the governments to act; as well as the mechanisms and solutions we need to start the transition to low-carbon economy.

In order to gain widespread support of the public and convince policymakers for such radical change, at the most fundamental level, we must first succeed at changing their out dated definitions of development, growth, progress and prosperity. The new frames for these notions should recognise the extent to which we have come close to destroying ourselves through our unquestioned devotion to the 19th century definitions of these terms.

Climate Revolution is a series of ambitious proposals and initiatives, not yet made public, that can potentially transform the social and political climate on climate change in India and influence policies in other parts of the world. The need for such change is elaborated in our position on the following fronts:

  1. State of Climate: Our policymakers, the general public and even "environmentalists" either do not understand or vastly underestimate the severity of climate change, scale of reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) concentration needed and the speed at which it must be achieved to ensure a safe climate. View detailed position statements on state of climate.
  2. International Response: The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has failed to deliver on emission reductions in the past two decades and no logical argument can be made that supports the belief that it will deliver this time. View detailed position statements on international response
  3. Indian Response: By putting consumption-driven economy ahead of everything else, the Indian government has put to risk the future of over a billion people. The government remains ignorant and in denial of the crisis facing us, and incapable of initiating the bold change needed. View detailed position statements on Indian response
  4. Civil Society Response: Civil society institutions have no influence over the international climate negotiations process. Environmental organisations have failed to identify and address public commitment towards changes in policy as a critical requirement for change. View detailed position statements on civil society response

Climate Revolution takes a unique approach. Our proposals are based on the fundamental belief that radical change in national and international policy is not possible without a dramatic shift in popular public opinion on this issue and public commitment towards the need for such change. The governments will act only when they are forced and pressured from multiple quarters and are convinced that change is possible.

We have identified the key strategies and have created a blueprint to forge the social and political revolution that is needed to awake, educate and mobilise the public in large numbers, fight the government while simultaneously inspiring leaders within it as well as those in the industry to demonstrate that change is possible.

Our mission is to see India adopt reduction in greenhouse gas concentration as the overriding central goal from which all internal developmental and growth policies as well as foreign relation policies originate. A climate revolution in India and a leadership position by Indian government will permanently alter the international dynamics of this issue and inspire people in other nations to follow India's lead.

We recognise that this is a tall order. That there are powerful lobbies within the government, industry and media, not to mention our misplaced societal values that are deeply entrenched in the status quo, our out dated definitions and old modes of thinking. Yet we believe once we are able to successfully communicate the challenge facing us and once the public rallies behind the change we seek, none of these obstacles will be insurmountable.


The proposals that make Climate Revolution were first conceived in July 2008 and presented, in the following months, to heads of at least four leading non-governmental organisations India working in this area. They were collectively named Climate Revolution in September 2008.

Work first started in September 2009 when the process to file a series of Right to Information applications ('Freedom of Information' in U.S) began. Around one hundred and twenty four RTI applications were filed in total, between 1st October 2009 and 6th November 2009 with the Ministry of Environment and Forests, the Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Power, Planning Commission and with several other public authorities. For more information, see the section on Right to Information.

The RTI initiative is only a small component of several initiatives planned.


Climate Revolution Initiative is led by Manu Sharma. Manu is a climate activist and renewable energy expert. He has worked with India's leading non-profits engaged in the area of climate change and as an independent renewable energy consultant. He founded Green-India, online community of energy professionals, in 2006 (now part of Climate Revolution) and has delivered talks at conferences and workshops on climate change and renewable energy. He has been featured in news media on a few occasions: (BBC radio, June 2008; NewsX Television, July 2009; and Reuters, June 2010).

We are engaging in discussions with several leaders in related fields to lend their support to Climate Revolution Initiative. These include prominent scientists, leading experts and others who have demonstrated exceptional insight, passion, and leadership within their respective fields and beyond; and have consistently inspired us, some for the past several decades, with their vision of an alternative world.

Media Coverage

Reuters / Alertnet | 7-June 2010
Activists dig out climate policy gaps with India's Right to Information Act

ANI | 25-November 2010
RTI reveals Govt.failure to protect public interest in climate talks

One World South Asia | 30-November 2010
India: RTI reveals public interest sidelined in climate talks

Earth Times | 30-November 2010
Policy un-wise: India lacks coherent Climate change policy

Media Releases   ( Download all )

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Press Release | 25-Nov 2010
RTI reveals Govt. failure to protect public interest in climate talks

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Jairam Ramesh's Allegation - Climate Scientists Have Political Agenda - Absurd, Dangerous

Press Release | 17-Jun 2011
Climate Deniers Spread Misinformation, Doubt

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